Juicy Turkey Burger Recipe

I was craving burgers the other night but instead of using red meat I decided to try ground turkey instead. I’m not going to lie, I would still pick a real burger any day but this was still delicious! We had all of the fixings so it felt like we were eating something from a restaurant. I made roasted sweet potato wedges and side salads to go with them.

Everytime I’ve made turkey burgers or veggie burgers they’ve always come out dry. I thought it was just because they weren’t made with ground beef. I was wrong! It was freezing the other night and I had no desire to go outside and grill. The electric skillet came in handy and I used that to cook the patties. It worked really well! The burgers came out very juicy and didn’t fall apart when I tried to flip them. It also helped that I didn’t try to press them to get them to cook faster. The juices stayed inside the burger making it the perfect consistency.

turkey burger.jpg

The sweet potato wedges were very easy to make. I preheated the oven and a baking sheet to 450 degrees while I sliced the sweet potatoes. I cut the potatoes into small wedges, drizzled them with avocado oil, salt and pepper. I baked them for 25-30 minutes, stirring and flipping occasionally. The pan I used was insulated and lighter in color so the wedges didn’t come out as crispy as I wanted them to. I would suggest using a basic black baking sheet to see if that helps at all.

I’m used to seeing orange sweet potatoes but I found these “pale” sweet potatoes at the store and decided to try them. They were a little more bland compared to the others I’m used to – they might be a good transition potato if you’re looking to upgrade from regular potatoes.


– Carly


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