Easy Chicken Fajitas

So I’m officially out of my family home and living on my own in an apartment. Which means that I’m responsible for cooking all of my meals now! Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook but I was used to being in charge of 1-2 meals per week if that at home – not a week’s worth!

Anyways… with a full-time job it’s easy to throw my hands up after a long day at work and say let’s just go out to eat. I love going out to eat every once in a while but my bank account and waistline can only handle about that much. This week has been a week of organizing my recipes and figuring out which ones would be best for a weeknight. I wanted to add to the collection of recipes I’ve already shared and share the chicken fajita recipe I tried. It’s an oven baked recipe which made it easy to walk away and do a couple of chores around the apartment while it was cooking.

I took a few more steps to make it equally as delicious but just a bit easier. Instead of using fresh peppers I used a frozen mix of red, green and yellow. We had chicken in another recipe the night before so while I was cutting the chicken then, I also did the portion I would need for this recipe. I just put the chicken pieces in a Tupperware container and into the fridge. The only real prep I needed to do that day was chop an onion!


The fajitas came out great! We served them on whole wheat flour tortillas with plain greek yogurt (in replace of sour cream) and salsa. Other toppings could include freshly chopped lettuce, low-fat cheese, avocado, or guacamole.


The best part was, as a household of two, we had plenty of leftovers to bring to work for lunches the next day!


– Carly

baked chicken fajitas.png

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